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By on October 17, 2022

No Survivor Justice Without Racial Justice: Domestic Violence Awareness Month 2022

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What can the leadership of black women and communities of color teach us about joy and resiliency? 

As we continue to bear witness to the pandemic of racial injustice, systemic oppression and political and personal attacks on our marginalized communities, joy and resiliency feel like precious resources existing between a juxtaposition of both deeply needed and difficult to find. 

This year, leaders in the movement to end gender-based violence, the National Resource Center for Domestic Violence, along with their partners at the Domestic Violence Awareness Project Advisory Group are centering again on their commitment to No Survivor Justice without Racial Justice for the 2022 National Domestic Violence Awareness Month and beyond.

For this episode of PreventConnect, we sat down with two of the organizers for DVAM 2022 and beyond: two fierce women of color who are leading the movement and their communities, and asked them why joy is so central to their work to end systemic oppression.

We’re also bringing in the voices of leaders of color across this movement. Highlighting key speakers, themes and excerpts from the 42nd annual Day of Unity, which kicked off DVAM in early October, when the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence invited survivors, advocates and leaders to share their own stories about collective liberation.

They shared perspective on how communities of color have found joy through unrelenting resiliency, how they cultivate joy in their own lives and how organizations can get on board in uplifting joy and valuing their staff.

Podcast Guests:

Ivonne Ortiz, Director of Training and TA, NRCDV, National Resource Center on Domestic Violence, she/ella

Nnenna Minimah, Owner/Lead Consultant, Mission Avisee, LLC, she/her

Call for Unity Speakers:

Jacqueline Miller

Secretary January Contreras

Faranza Safiullah

Vivien Huelgo

Shawnice Stratford


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