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By on December 12, 2022

Disability Justice and Primary Prevention Part 2 | Resources for Practitioners

Disability Justice and Primary Prevent Part 2: Resources for Practitioners

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What does it look like to create space for disability justice in a movement and a culture that is so deeply impacted and dictated by the pursuit of perfection?

When our systems and structures are not in line with our values, we are asked to take on the work of dismantling our systems and starting again. But when we have to find space for that work in the endless work that never stops at our organizations, where do we start?

For this episode of PreventConnect, we’re exploring barriers to disability justice, resources for Practitioners who want to center disability justice at their organizations and what disability justice advocates want to see from the field.

We explore tangible examples of ways organizations are coming up with creative solutions to centering disability justice across the country, as well as a brand new resource from the Disability Justice and Violence Prevention Resource Hub to help organizations get started.

Resources mentioned in this podcast:

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