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By on January 30, 2023

Bridging Data and Practice in the Case for Prevention


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Where does data and practice meet in our work to end sexual violence?

The practitioners and the researchers have equal parts to play in our role to advance primary prevention but we are not great at talking to each other, beyond attending the same web conferences. We need to start really talking to each other, coming together to address big issues we are all working at in our own ways in our own silos.

For this episode of PreventConnect, David Finkelhor, author of “What works to prevent violence against children online” – a new report from the World Health Organization, speaks on his decades-long research into violence against children. Together, we’re breaking down his findings and connecting our own paths in the field, where they differ and where they come together to make the case for prevention in schools.


Headshot of David Finklehor

David Finkelhor

Director of Crimes against Children Research Center

Resources Mentioned in this Podcast:

What works to prevent violence against children online? 

Roadmap to Prevention: Connecting Critical Race Theory and Anti-Oppression

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