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By on April 26, 2023

Youth Engagement Mini-Series: RCC Gamechangers


Cultivating a space where youth can thrive  isn’t always something you can condense into a list of tips or strategies. Sometimes the most powerful anti-violence work has to be felt before it’s seen; that’s something the Gamechangers reminded me in our conversation for this episode. 

The Gamechangers are a youth leadership team out of Wisconsin: a group of diverse high school students across the Madison area, who are mobilizing their schools and communities to end gender and power-based violence. The Gamechangers are also Heather and Ayden, two staff in the Prevention Education Department at RCC Rape Crisis Center who work behind the scenes to create transformative spaces that honor youth voices.

For the third installment of our youth engagement mini-series, I sat down with all of them to hear about their program and what makes their youth engagement impactful.

GameChangers is the kind of space that can’t exist without investment at every level of an organization: adults choosing to put their time, effort and dollars into something because they believe in it. 

As RCC celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, we’re talking about what it took to make Gamechangers what is today, how it’s evolved and seeing that play out in Crystal and Azaela’s work. 

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