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By on June 28, 2023

The Grooming Myth: Fighting Anti-LGBTQ+ Rhetoric

What role do we, as a movement to end sexual violence, have to play when our language is co-opted to spread misinformation and harm marginalized communities?

Today, terms like grooming are being weaponized to spread fear of queer and trans people. While the moment can feel overwhelmingly new, the anti-violence movement has a long history of being weaponized to advance violent agendas that dehumanize and harm black, queer and people of color.

For this month’s episode of Prevent-Connect, we’re sitting down with Prevention and Training Manager for the Connecticut Alliance to End Sexual Violence, Kelsey Alexander, to talk about the weaponization of language, how it is impacting primary prevention, and how they are fighting back.

We’re sitting with some uncomfortable truths and talking about what we can learn from our past, as we look forward.

Resources mentioned in this Podcast

Fighting Anti-LGBTQ+ Rhetoric Statement

National Consensus Statement of Anti-Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Organizations in Support of Full and Equal Access for the Transgender Community

CDC Stop SV Technical Package