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Health Equity in Practice: How to connect and educate around social justice issues


Join PreventConnect, the National Sexual Violence Resource Center and storytelling experts across the anti-sexual violence field and cross cutting movements, for a panel discussion about how to engage communities in thoughtful, collaborative prevention work. 

This panel leverages the foundational knowledge of anti-racism, Health Equity and primary prevention that was developed in the first three sessions to engage communities in prevention efforts. Our panelists will discuss how to storytell in ways that resonate with different communities, find common ground and bring people along in our work to create violence-free communities.

This workshop might be for you if you struggle with how to message the connection between social justice issues and sexual violence prevention, how to create buy-in from communities, and how to counter mis-information and push-back from individuals or communities. 


  • Clearly define messaging, storytelling and audience engagement as it pertains to sexual violence prevention. 
  • Identify strengths, challenges and opportunities to counter mis-information and collaborate with community partners in prevention efforts.
  • Develop toolbox of skills to create prevention stories that resonate with stakeholders, partners and adversaries.