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Integrating Health Equity into Sexual and Domestic Violence Prevention Session 3: Guiding Principles and Processes of Implementation

This web conference was open to CDC RPE and DELTA AHEAD recipients and sub recipients.

When it comes to integrating health equity, how a strategy is implemented can be just as important as what strategy is implemented. For example, prevention practitioners can use local data to focus on communities experiencing a disproportionate burden of SV/IPV, develop public narratives that highlight the relationship between health inequities and the underlying social inequalities that lead to violence, and help build community power.

 Session 2 in PreventConnect’s web conference series, Integrating Health Equity Into Sexual and Domestic Violence Prevention, introduced a tool to help practitioners make decisions about implementation. In session 3, we will continue to examine principles and processes of implementing violence prevention strategies by learning from DELTA AHEAD recipients, the Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence. 

 Join PreventConnect and guests from RICADV to explore these ideas and identify additional equitable approaches to implementing prevention and advancing health equity in our work to prevent violence.  


  • Gain deeper understanding of health equity frameworks in sexual violence prevention.
  • Translate concepts of health equity into practical on-the-ground program development and implementation.
  • Create cross-cutting strategies and partnerships to address social determinants of health and prevent violence in local communities.


  • Cynthia Roberts, Evaluator, Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence
  • Krista Cunningham, Deputy Director, Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence
  • PowerPoint slides [PDF]
  • Text chat [coming soon]