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Integrating Health Equity Into Sexual and Domestic Violence Prevention: Community and Multi-Sector Partnerships (Session 4)

This web conference was open to CDC RPE and DELTA AHEAD recipients and sub recipients.

Transforming systems of inequality requires partnering with many sectors to leverage influence and resources. In addition to multi-sector partnerships, prevention practitioners can foster relationships with communities to improve outcomes based on community-established standards, their priorities, lived realities, and assets. Mobilizing communities and multi-sector partners can build long-term commitment to dismantling systems of oppression and ending violence. Additionally, strong, authentic partnerships with communities can help build community capacity and foster sustainability for prevention.

 In the fourth and final session of the Integrating Health Equity Into Sexual and Domestic Violence Prevention web conference series, we’ll turn our focus to the partnerships pivotal to health equity and effective violence prevention strategies and approaches. Rhode Island’s RPE program, subrecipients, and partners will share about developing trust and relationships with the community to prioritize needs, participate in policy change, and create safer environments for those most burdened by violence. . 

 Join PreventConnect and guests to build knowledge and skills around establishing relationships with the right people to build equity and prevent violence.


  • Gain deeper understanding of health equity frameworks in sexual violence prevention.
  • Translate concepts of health equity into practical on-the-ground program development and implementation.
  • Create cross-cutting strategies and partnerships to address social determinants of health and prevent violence in local communities.


  • Angela Kemp, RPE Coordinator, Division of Community Health and Equity, Rhode Island Department of Health
  • Ryan Fontaine, Trans Health Education and Policy Specialist,  Thundermist Health Center
  • Jaye Watts, Director of Transgender Health, Thundermist Health Center
  • Andy Taubman, Director of Youth Service, Youth Pride Inc.
  • PowerPoint slides [PDF]
  • Text chat [coming soon]