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By on November 13, 2023

National Sexual Assault Conference 2023: Towards a New Paradigm of Antiracist Health Equity in Primary Sexual Violence Prevention

The 2023 National Sexual Assault Conference® was held in San Francisco, California, August 22-24. The conference theme, Equity in Action, called for conference participants to fearlessly pursue a world free from sexual violence and address change across systems and institutions. This session was part of the Prevention track, sponsored by the National Sexual Violence Resource Center with funding from the Centers for Disease Control Prevention.  Learn more and access session materials here.

An antiracist approach to health equity acknowledges and addresses the historic and contemporary racist ideas, racist polices, and racial inequities that impact social determinants of health. Applying an antiracist health equity lens to primary rape prevention programing can ensure that prevention efforts address specific risk and protective factors for sexual violence that impact the people most vulnerable to anti-black racism, misogynoir, and transphobia.

This interactive panel discussion, co-facilitated by the director of New York State’s Rape Prevention and Education (RPE)Program and the consulting team from Michelle M. Osborne J.D. and Associates, panelists share process and findings from their 2023 Health Equity Capacity Assessment.

Speakers: Nora Karena, Michelle Osborne, Toni Belcher, Bernadette Dolen