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By on April 29, 2024

Building Connected Communities: Sexual Assault Awareness Month 2024

Believing in a world free of sexual and intimate partner violence means daring to imagine what communities would look like of everyone had equal access to health, safety and livelihood. 

When we allow ourselves to imagine “what if,” we create the stepping stones to get us there. 

For Sexual Assault Awareness Month, the National Sexual Violence Resource Center is calling on people to think about what their communities could be, and take steps to get there. 

In a special bonus podcast episode, taken from our Instagram live event earlier this month, we spoke with NSVRC staff Jayla Murdock and Mo Lewis to talk about their national campaign: Building Connected Communities… which leverages Health Equity Frameworks to impact whole communities in the work to end sexual violence.


Listen to “Building Connected Communities: Sexual Assault Awareness Month 2024” on Spreaker.

Because this is a recording from an Instagram LiveStream, there may be moments where audio cuts out or gets spotty. You can find the video stream with captions at our Instagram, and follow-along with the transcript to this episode.

Resources mentioned in this episode: