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By on April 30, 2024

Disability Justice Highlight Reel Part 2: Disability Justice as a Value and Practice

People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities experience sexual and domestic violence at drastically higher rates , but despite how many survivors in our movement are in the disability community, they are rarely involved in our work to end violence… or compensated for their contributions when they are. 

Despite immense barriers, self-advocates in the disability community are making huge steps to advocate for disability justice in prevention and advocacy spaces. 

Listen to “Disability Justice Highlight Reel Part 2: Disability Justice as a Value and Practice” on Spreaker.


You’re listening to a special 2-part episode of PreventConnect, where we are pulling together some of the most impactful keynotes and interviews to come out of PreventConnect and VALOR around disability justice and inclusion, along with some new interviews about how staff are putting what we’ve learned into practice.

For this installment, I interviewed my colleague and friend, Priscilla Klassen, who leads VALOR’s Disability Rights and Inclusion Project, C.A. Leads. Priscilla was also at the forefront of accessibility efforts at the 2024 National Sexual Assault Conference. 

Our conversation delves into systemic barriers to integrating Disability Justice into organizational frameworks, learning through practice and how she approaches Disability Rights and Justice work.

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