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By on May 31, 2024

Reflections on the Measuring Love Web Conference Series

PreventConnect recently hosted Audrey Jordan and Shiree Teng in a 3-part web conference series based on teachings from the Brown papers,  Measuring Love in the Journey for Justice and Healing Love: Into Balance. The series led practitioners through conversations to reimagine love as a central force in social and racial justice movements. Audrey and Shiree emphasize love as an active, transformative practice—an antidote to systems of oppression and disconnection. By integrating this perspective into efforts to prevent sexual and intimate partner violence, and to advance health equity, we can cultivate communities that are not only safer but also more just, compassionate, and connected.

Sexual and intimate partner violence are pervasive issues rooted in power imbalances, systemic oppression, and societal norms that devalue certain lives. Sexual violence prevention strategies, at their core, are proxies for love, as they aim to foster environments where respect, dignity, and mutual care prevail. These strategies—such as promoting healthy relationships, creating protective environments, and strengthening so

cial connectedness — are fundamentally about nurturing connections and ensuring the well-being of individuals. Framing these prevention efforts in the language of love makes them more accessible and relatable.. By emphasizing love, we underscore the commitment to creating a society where everyone feels safe, valued, and respected. This approach not only simplifies the conversation around prevention but also powerfully aligns it with the universal human desire for connection and safety.

Throughout the web conference series, Audrey and Shiree reminded us that we are called to measure love not as a static concept but as an active, dynamic practice that permeates all aspects of our work. They encouraged us to ask ourselves, “Are we loving bravely enough?” and “How can we wield power fused with love?” By doing so, we honor the sacred connections that bind us and create a world where justice and love are inseparable.