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Seizing Opportunities to Advance a Prevention Frame through the Media

Thursday, March 29, 2007
2:00-3:30 pm EDT (11:00 am – 12:30 pm PDT)

Larry Cohen, Rachel Davis, Greta Tubbesing
Prevention Institute

David Lee
Prevention Connection

Following recent school shootings in which girls were specifically targeted, the primary response was to call for school safety generally without attention to the gender of the victims or the implications. In the wake of announcements for OJ Simpson’s book on how he would have committed murder, there was an outcry and plans were scrapped. But did we miss an opportunity to bring attention to the need for prevention? Working from two background readings in reaction to these events, this web forum will examine how we can be better prepared to advance a prevention frame through the media in light of public events in violence against women and girls. We will share input and recommendations from the recent Prevention Connection web dialogue on this issue (“Where’s the Prevention Frame?” held on January 23, 2007) and explore further what an effective prevention frame might look like and how we can advance it.

Post-Conference Material:

Learning Objectives:

  • understand how we can be better prepared to insist on a prevention frame
  • learn what a prevention frame might look like
  • experiment with the use of technology to promote interactive learning and dialog


  • Slides (1 per page color) [PDF, 8MB]
  • Handouts (3 slides per page black & white) [PDF, 2MB]


  • Family Violence Prevention Fund Press Release: Fox ‘Acted Responsibly’ by Cancelling Simpson Special. November 20, 2006. [Click here]
  • Bob Herbert. Why Aren’t We Shocked? New York Times October 16, 2006. [Click here]
  • Optional Reading: Jackson Katz. Coverage of “School Shootings” Avoids the Central Issue. October 11, 2006. Common [Click here]


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