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Turf is not a four letter word II: Advancing violence against women prevention partnerships

Host: David S. Lee, California Coalition Against Sexual Assault, Prevention Connection

Presenters: Larry Cohen and Elizabeth Waiters, Prevention Institute


This web conference was a repeat of the popular web conference held on May 14, 2008. Different guests discussed turf issues in violence against women prevention.

Effective prevention efforts involve many partners from different sectors, disciplines and organizations. While these partners agree on the end goal of preventing violence against women, many conflicts may arise, including those associated with “turf.” As part of Prevention Connection’s focus on the Building Coalitions and Networks, this web conference will explore how to overcome struggles over turf in violence against women prevention partnerships.


  • Audio Recording [MP3]
  • Audio Transcript [PDF]
  • Text Chat Transcript [PDF]


  • Slides (1 per page, color) [PDF]
  • Handouts (3 per page, black & white) [PDF]
  • The Tension of Turf: Making It Work for the Coalition (Prevention Institute) [PDF]


  • Describe turf, turf-ism and types of turf struggles.
  • Present tools and tips for managing turf issues effectively.
  • Explore turf issues commonly experienced within violence against women prevention partnerships and brainstorm strategies to address them.

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