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Building the violence against women primary prevention movement

To make our popular web conferences available to as many people as possible, in 2009 schedule we are offering two sessions per web conference topic. Each session will present the same content, though the presenters and guests for each session may vary.

Session 1: March 10, 2009

Session 2: March 12, 2009

These web conferences presented an overview of the elements of successful social movements, discussed successes in the violence against women movement (e.g., policies and legislation, the establishment of rape crisis centers and battered women’s shelters, funding for violence against women prevention), and explored linking primary prevention elements with movement building and violence against women prevention efforts.

David Lee, Prevention Connection, California Coalition Against Sexual Assault

Rachel Davis & Elizabeth Waiters, Prevention Institute

Session 1: Donna Garske, Transforming Communities: Technical Assistance, Training and Resource Center (TC-TAT)
Session 2: Debby Tucker, National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence


  • Identify the elements of successful social movements.
  • Identify key elements of success in the violence against women movement.
  • Identify opportunities to incorporate the principles of primary prevention into the movement to end violence against women.


  • Session 1 Slides [PDF]
  • Session 1 Handouts – Color, 2 Per Page [PDF] or Gray, 6 Per Page [PDF]
  • Session 2 Slides [PDF]
  • Session 2 Handouts – Color, 2 Per Page [PDF] or Gray, 6 Per Page [PDF]
  • DRA Project: Laying the Groundwork for a Movement to Reduce Health Disparities [PDF]
  • Catalyst: Newsletter of TC-TAT


  • The video recordings of these sessions are no longer available.
  • Session 1 Text Chat Transcript [PDF]
  • Session 2 Text Chat Transcript [PDF]
  • Session 1 Audio Transcript [PDF]
  • Session 2 Audio Transcript [PDF]

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