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By on September 30, 2009

Developing Comprehensive Prevention

PC_logo“Complementary” and “Synergy” were the key themes in yesterday’s Prevention Connection web conference titled Developing Comprehensive Prevention: Linking primary prevention activities, strategies and programs.  This web conference was designed for state sexual assault coalitions and state health departments to assist in building capacity of local Rape Prevention & Education (RPE) grantees.

The presenter, Lydia Guy Ortiz, highlighted the value of linking different prevention activities together to create a comprehensive prevention program.  In particular she emphasized that finding programs that complement each other can lead to synergy — that is create an effort that is more effective than sum of each of the components.

For example, she suggested that a 3-session presentation to high school students may be more effective when also providing peer facilitated training focused on gender roles and/or media literacy or have articles written by students in school newspaper.

Soon Prevention Connection will be releasing an eLearning Unit on this topic.

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