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By on February 2, 2010

Letters for an Engaged Bystander Blog

The National Sexual Violence Resource Center is starting its Letters for an Engaged Bystander blog to explore how people can intervene to prevent sexual violence. Bystander approaches to prevention are among the most promising as all members of the community have an opportunity to make a difference.

In this interview with Joan Tabachnick, the Editor of Letters for an Engaged Bystander, we discuss the practice of teaching bystander intervention and the goals of the new blog.

PreventConnect has featured many of the leading bystander thinkers and programs in its web conferences and interviews. Listen to speakers talk about Bringing in the Bystander from University of New Hampshire, Mentors in Violence Prevention, Dorothy Edwards of Green Dot, and the work of Alan Berkowitz.

The new blog will be edited by guest blogger Joan Tabachnick who will explores the powerful ways that we can all choose to do something to prevent sexual violence.  Joan, the author of Engaging Bystanders in Violence Against Women Prevention, was interviewed by PreventConnect in this podcast to describe the value of bystander work to prevent sexual violence.

Share your stories and describe your insights into engaging bystanders.  I look forward to this discussion. The blog can be found here.

For a concise online summary of bystander work, check out PreventConnect’s ten minute eLearning unit on Engaging Bystanders in Violence Against Women Prevention.

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