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By on January 20, 2011

How do you stay motivated in prevention work?

Kat Monusky of the Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Program asks some great questions on Twitter (using the wonderful hash tag #preventionisrad)

How do you stay motivated in SV prevention work? Social change’s no easy task – what keeps us going? Share your idea.

My twitter response (limited to 140 characters) was to “celebrate our successes (there is so much change in last 25 yrs); good conversation & colleagues in SV prevention community.”

What about you?

PS. Follow the pulse of prevention on twitter @preventconnect

2 responses to “How do you stay motivated in prevention work?”

  1. I have to agree with the great conversation with AMAZING colleagues, attending energizing conferences with prevention specialists who have sustained themselves over the years in this work and working for an agency supportive of my “out there” thinking and ways of approaching prevention when their main focus is intervention.

  2. I think that prevention work can be lonely. Those who do it are often the only person doing so in their organization (though not always). Maintaining relationships and having conversations with other prevention folks via online formats is key for me. Thanks to Prevent Connect for being such a big part of this.

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