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Advancing a critical analysis: Incorporating consciousness in prevention efforts

March 8, 2011 and repeated on March 9, 2011

Raising consciousness about oppression and gender issues is an increasingly important aspect of preventing sexual and domestic violence. But how does critically re-evaluating the social world fit in sexual and domestic violence prevention? Many efforts struggle to incorporate root causes of violence, and this web conference presents ways these challenges have been embraced in local efforts. Guest speakers will share their strategies to raise critical consciousness and dialog with participants about ways to help others develop an understanding of sexual and domestic violence linked to a broader social context of oppression and privilege.

Host: David Lee, PreventConnect, California Coalition Against Sexual Assault

Presenters: Annie Lyles and Christine Chang, Prevention Institute

Guest Speakers: Maeven McGovern, Youth Radio; Pheng Thao, Asian Women United of Minnesota


  • Slides [PDF]
  • Text Chat [to appear after web conference]

Learning Objectives:

  1. Engage in a candid discussion of the challenges and opportunities in incorporating the strategy.
  2. Provide examples of lessons learned from people and organizations working on this strategy.
  3. Identify opportunities to incorporate population-based efforts, such as organizational practice and policy change within the strategy.
  4. Identify potential indicators for measuring the impact and outcomes of efforts.

One response to “Advancing a critical analysis: Incorporating consciousness in prevention efforts”

  1. I was set up for a teleconference entitled, ” Changing the public perception about violence against women”, but did not listen because work was cancelled on the day of the teleconference.

    Do you tape these conferences? I really wanted to listen to this. Please let me know and thank you!

    Terri Burl

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