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Cultivating community driven social change

Aimee Thompson
Lydia Guy Ortiz

Who defines community? What are promising strategies to incorporate community voice in existing efforts? How do we justify investment in community engagement?

The next PreventConnect web conference, Cultivating Community Driven Social Change: Integrating the community voice in sexual and domestic violence prevention efforts, will be held on May 10 (repeated on May 11) and will feature Lydia Guy Ortiz and Close to Home’s Aimee Thompson joined by Prevention Institute for this web conference, the third in our series on Building Prevention Leadership.

Click here register to explore the who, what and how of community driven sexual and domestic violence prevention. This web conference will focus on translating best practices around community engagement into practical applications for the field. Learn how to ensure community voices are a valuable addition to your planning, coalition, and program and policy change efforts. Participants will be able to join the discussion by sharing ideas or posing questions to our guests via live phone and text chat.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

This ninety-minute (90 min) session will start at 11 AM Pacific Standard Time (2 PM Eastern) on May 10, and will be repeated at 11 AM Pacific Standard Time (2 PM Eastern) on the following day, May 11.

Host: David Lee, PreventConnect, California Coalition Against Sexual Assault

Presenter: Annie Lyles and Christine Chang, Prevention Institute

Guest Speakers: Aimee Thompson, Executive Director, Close to Home; Lydia Guy Ortiz, LGO Consulting

Cost: Free

Register today .

Learning Objectives:

  1. Engage in a candid discussion of the challenges and opportunities in a community driven approach.
  2. Provide examples of lessons learned from people and organizations practicing community driven approaches.
  3. Identify opportunities to incorporate population-based efforts, such as organizational practice and policy change within this approach.
  4. Identify potential indicators for measuring the impact and outcomes of efforts.

What is a Web Conference?
A web conference is an opportunity to attend an online workshop by watching a presentation on your computer screen (using your internet connection) and hearing presenters through your telephone. Prevent Connect web conferences feature an opportunity to participate in online question & answer sessions and live text chat between participants. If for some reason you are unable to join on your computer, you can download the presentation slides from our website and listen on your phone.

Real-Time Captioning Available:
Instructions for accessing captioning during this web conference will be provided with your registration confirmation.

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