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By on March 29, 2012

NO MORE launches website to unify ending domestic violence & sexual assault

This is a blog by Sandra Henriquez, the Executive Director of the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault:

We are excited to join domestic violence and sexual assault organizations from around the country in celebrating the launch of NO MORE is “the first unifying symbol to express support for ending domestic violence and sexual assault”, drawing attention to these two forms of violence and highlighting the ways in which we as service providers, advocates, and community members can unite to achieve a common goal.

NO MORE provides a single visual image and logo that can be used to promote awareness and generate conversation around sexual and domestic violence. The logo is designed for use by and integration with your logos. How can you get involved and utilize the site?

kNOW the warning signs of domestic violence and sexual assault (link to:

Say NO MORE by signing on here (link to:

Share NO MORE by using facebook, twitter, and other social media sites (link:

Join the We Say NO MORE Photo Gallery (link:

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