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By on July 10, 2012

Jackson Katz reflects on bystander intervention conference

Jackson Katz

Jackson Katz, Ph.D., co-founder of Mentors in Violence Prevention and an organizer of the conference Bystander Intervention: From Its Roots to the Road Ahead, describes this conference and what he sees as the next steps to advance the bystander approach to prevent men’s violence against women.

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One response to “Jackson Katz reflects on bystander intervention conference”

  1. The Jackson Katz interview was so amazing to hear. I work as a community educator with our local domestic violence/sexual assault shelter. I am in the classrooms 4 days a week doing bully programs and healthy relationships programs. I was so glad to hear Jackson Katz express using technology in combination with curriculum. I love to use music videos, news info, movie clips, etc. when I speak to kids. They learn so much more and it just helps them to “get it.” However, at our state level it seems most do not agree. I cannot wait till our next meeting to have Mr. Katz as my backup with what I am seeing on a daily basis.

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