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By on November 15, 2013

Statute of limitations and its connection to prevention

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Survivors seek offender accountability in a timeframe that is appropriate for their individual healing process. Statute of Limitations policy work creates the appropriate avenues for that process, but how does it fit with prevention? The Ending Child Sexual Abuse Web Conference series sponsored by PreventConnect and Ms. Foundation for Women, presented the webinar Statute of limitations and its connection to prevention  to answer that question and provide tangible tools for those that would like to engage in a dialogue around this particular policy work. In this webinar, series co-hosts Cordelia Anderson and Joan Tabachnick crafted a dialogue that engaged Randy Ellison, OAASIS and author of “Boys Don’t Tell” and Donna Dunn, Executive Director of MNCASA. The presenters were able to highlight how Statute of Limitations work in both civil and criminal cases provides the appropriate venue to enhance prevention efforts to end child sexual abuse.

Check out the recording of this web conference for details about these actions and more.

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