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By on June 11, 2014

“Where can I find music that’s appropriate for this work!?”

May JupiterOn the heels of yet another prevention colleague begging me to share any ideas I have for music that can be played during sexual and domestic violence prevention work, or used to facilitate the work, I offer an artist I recently discovered, Maya Jupiter.  One of the ambassadors for Peace Over Violence’s Denim Day event in Los Angeles this year, Maya is also on the organization’s advisory board.  At this year’s event at the Guess Headquarters in Los Angeles, Maya and her partner Aloe Blacc performed together, noting that they think music should be used to further social justice.  After their performance, I found Maya’s album and by the time I got to El Secreto, a song about love that left not a dry eye in the Guess Headquarters on Denim Day, I knew I’d found music that is far more than tolerable for our work, that enhances it.  Learn more about and listen to Maya Jupiter here.

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