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By on October 29, 2019

How Healthy Sexuality Education Can Change Social Norms

On the last part of PreventConnect’s conversation with Dr. Zoe Peterson, Dr. Peterson discusses the impacts healthy sexuality information can have on shifting social norms when information and education starts early and is ongoing. Dr. Peterson also shares the impacts #MeToo has had on prevention research.

Dr. Peterson discusses the background of her research on part 1 of this podcast, and shares more about the challenges in identifying and communicating about prevention on part 2 of this podcast.

One response to “How Healthy Sexuality Education Can Change Social Norms”

  1. Carol Cochard Pool, MSW; 13 yr. Sexuality Educator for Planned Parenthood (1990-2003); Now Prevention Educator at Prevent Child Abuse Indiana. Thank you both for such a great series of podcasts! We cannot get these messages out enough! I’m here in Indy Dr. Zoe, if you need me in any way. Peace, Carol

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