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Intersectional justice and safety from sexual violence: Spotlights from a new report on health equity strategies


A new joint publication by Prevention Institute and the National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC), A Health Equity Approach to Preventing Sexual Violence, explores five strategies to build communities where everyone has a fair and just opportunity to be safe from sexual violence. These strategies include: 1) elevating community leadership and resilience; 2) creating spaces for healing in prevention efforts; 3) facilitating internal organizational change; 4) addressing underlying factors that contribute to violence and safety; and, 5) partnering across fields and movements. The report features examples of these strategies in action. One Fair Wage is bringing together movements for economic, racial, and gender justice through advocacy by and for workers in the restaurant and service industries. This includes campaigns to decrease workers’ exposure to exploitation, wage theft, financial insecurity, discrimination, and sexual harassment. The Michigan Coalition to End Sexual and Domestic Violence is investing in intersectionality, economic justice, and representative leadership internally and across their work.

Join PreventConnect and Prevention Institute to hear from presenters from both of these organizations and learn more about this new health equity resource.


  • Describe five strategies to advance a health equity approach to sexual violence prevention and how they relate to CDC’s STOP Sexual Violence: A Technical Package to Prevent Sexual Violence
  • Identify efforts to invest in intersectional justice and safety from sexual violence through internal organizational practices and campaigns for living wages that eliminate dependency on tipped wages
  • Discuss how participants can facilitate internal organizational change and participate in One Fair Wage campaigns for intersectional justice and safety from sexual violence


  • Web conference PowerPoint slides [PDF]
  • Text chat transcript [PDF]

HOSTS: Ashleigh Klein-Jimenez & Tori VandeLinde, PreventConnect and ValorUS

FACILITATORS: Wil Crary & Lisa Fujie Parks, Prevention Institute


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