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By on December 16, 2022

Top Web Conferences of 2022

Graphic of computer with text reading "2022 Top Attended Web Conferences"

Here are the top web conferences PreventConnect hosted in 2022. Our team hosts multiple web conference series each year, each featuring new guests and guest presenters, to help equip prevention practitioners with the tools to practice primary prevention and health equity. All PreventConnect web conferences are free. You can find information about new web conferences, as well as register to attend and receive recordings under the web conference tab on our website or on our instagram and linkedin.

All recordings, slides and chat transcriptions for these web conferences are available under the past web conferences tab of this website. 

Community Engagement | Intentionality and Health Equity 

Graphic of people putting together puzzle with title "Community Engagement"In this Web Conference, PreventConnect and Human Impact Partners hosted a discussion about the connections between structural inequities, violence prevention, and community engagement. This conference focused on building foundational knowledge around community engagement frameworks, examining and addressing barriers to community engagement in prevention and uplifting examples of partnerships between public health and community organizers for violence prevention.

This was part of a two-part web conference series. 

Watch part 1 here.

Watch part 2 here. 

Health Equity Approaches to Preventing Sexual and Intimate Partner Violence

Graphic for Health Equity approaches to preventionIn this three-part web conference series, PreventConnect hosted presenters from the American Public Health Association, as well as representatives from across the field, to explore health equity and its link to sexual and intimate partner violence. This series focused on defining Health Equity and social determinants of health in relation to sexual and intimate partner violence prevention, as well as uplifting health equity approaches across the anti-violence field.


Watch part 1 here.

Watch part 2 here.

Watch part 3 here.

WeGovern in practice: Reimagining policy for a world beyond violence

In this Web Conference, PreventConnect hosted Resonance Network in a conversation about transcending the constraints of current systems of power by conjuring policy and action that center decision-making in community. Facilitators grounded audience members, anchoring visions for what is possible in tribes, networks, organizations, and communities, we will begin to animate the WeGovern principles into policies that enable all of us to thrive.

Watch the recording here. 

Building a Foundation for Sexual and Intimate Partner Violence Prevention

In this Web Conference, PreventConnect staff provided foundational knowledge and skills, exploring basics and provide a for understanding the importance of primary prevention, examples of prevention in the real world, and key resources to expand prevention knowledge. This web conference focused on the origin of prevention through a public health approach, described examples of prevention in practice and offered examples of people and organizations practicing primary prevention in the anti-violence field. 


Watch the recording here. 


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