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By on May 31, 2023

Youth Engagement Mini-Series: A Drop in the Ocean with OneLove

You ever have one of those conversations where you just feel magic pouring out of people’s passion to end gender-based violence?

That’s what it felt like interviewing OneLove’s youth leadership team. 

OneLove is a national organization dedicated to empowering young people with the tools and resources they need to see the signs of healthy unhealthy relationships and mobilize their peers and communities in ending violence.

PreventConnect sat down with staff from OneLoves Youth Mobilization Team. Deena Ismail and Hali Holtzman lead a small but mighty team of seven, who work alongside than 700 youth across the U-S, passionate about ending violence in their schools. 

We also spoke with one of the youth in that cohort about how she’s leading change in her school. You’ll hear more about her in the episode.

Deena and Hali’s shared their vision for the work they do and why they’re flipping youth mobilization as OneLove knows it on its head. And Ashton is sharing how that work plays out in her school and community.

This is the fourth and final installment in PreventConnect’s Youth Engagement Mini-Series, equipping Prevention Practitioners and Youth Engagement staff with the tools to work with youth in transformative and empowering ways.

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Resources mentioned in this Podcast

OneLove Foundation website

OneLove Student Leadership Program

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