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NEWSLETTER   /   February 01, 2011

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In this issue of the PreventConnect Newsletter, we are pleased to share the following stories:


Principles of Prevention

Principles of Prevention: A core course in effective violence prevention

(10 min) In this podcast, Prevent Connect's David Lee interviews Jennifer Middlebrooks, Acting Team Lead of the Health Communication and Education Team of the Division of Violence Prevention at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. They discuss the CDC's newly released online course "Principles of Prevention." This free online course features interviews with leading experts in the field, dynamic graphics, interactive exercises and compelling storytelling that makes the case for violence prevention. Principles of Prevention can be found at VetoViolence.org.

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Forum for Primary Prevention Advocates:
Ending Violence Against Women

As part of its Violence Against Women Statewide Prevention Project, the California Department of Public Health's Safe and Active Communities Branch holds an annual forum for violence against women prevention advocates to strengthen capacity and collaboration for primary prevention program and policy development. These forums are an opportunity to support a learning community and to continue the dialogue that is critical for prevention work. Below are archived recordings from the 2009 Ending Violence Against Women: A Forum for Primary Prevention Advocates held in Sacramento, Calif.

Dr. David Walsh
Nan Stein

(48 min)
Keynote speaker Nan Stein, senior research scientist at Wellesley College's Center for Research on Women, talks about how to partner with school leaders in order to incorporate strategies for preventing sexual harassment, bullying and teen dating violence.

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Donna Garske
Donna Garske

(25 min) Keynote speaker Donna Garske, executive director of Center for Domestic Peace (formerly Marin Abused Women Services) and Transforming Communities Technical Assistance and Training Center, provides reflections about the long haul of primary prevention and the work of social transformation.

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Larry Cohen
Larry Cohen

(26 min) Keynote speaker Larry Cohen, director of the Prevention Institute, talks about achieving sustainability in the field of primary prevention.

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Brian O'Connor
Brian O'Connor

(42 min) Moderator Brian O'Connor, director of public communications at the Family Violence Prevention Fund, guides panelists through a discussion about youth culture and implications for violence against women prevention efforts. Panelists included: Elaina Amos, Teen Ambassador, Youth Radio; Tuere Anderson, LCSW, Director of Health Services, Youth Radio; Dawn Foor, Ph.D., Supervisor II, CSP Sexual Assault Victim Services; Giselle Garcia, Advocacy & Resource Coordinator, Break the Cycle; DeMario Hammond, Teen Ambassador, Youth Radio; Ramesh Kathanadhi, Training and Technical Assistance Specialist,Transforming Communities Technical Assistance and Training Center; and Jen Rauhause, Executive Director, Peer Solutions.

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Emiliano Diaz de Leon
Stacy Alamo-Mixson

(51 min) Moderator Stacy Alamo-Mixson, Chief of the Violence Prevention Unit at the California Department of Public Health, guides panelists through a discussion about their experience in the violence against women movement and how to sustain the prevention efforts. Panelists included: Donna Garske, Executive Director, Center for Domestic Peace (formerly Marin Abused Women Services) and Transforming Communities Technical Assistance and Training Center; Patti Giggans, Executive Director, Peace Over Violence; Lana Haddad, Administrative Analyst, Glendale Commission on the Status of Women; and Beckie Masaki, Executive Director, Asian Women's Shelter.

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