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September 13, 2011
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Coaches to prevent violence
(19 mins) Former college allstar and NFL player Joe Ehrmann discusses his book "InsideOut Coaching: How Sports Can Transform Lives." This book includes preventing sexual violence and dating violence as part of the issues that coaches must address to promote social justice and address this country's crisis of masculinity.
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Bystander-focused work on university campuses
(12 mins) Ellie Hutchinson, Prevention Worker at Scottish Women's Aid in Edinburgh, Scotland, discusses the work of Scottish Women's Aid to prevent violence against women and young people through bystander-focused work on university campuses, and though the development of media campaigns such as Listen here>>

Addressing gender norms in schools
(8 mins) At the 2010 American Public Health Association Annual Meeting, Andrew Levack of EngenderHealth discusses his presentation "Addressing gender norms in schools in New York City and Los Angeles: Lesson from the adaptation of an evidence-based program in Brazil," which featured Program H from Promundo. Watch here>>

Lyida Guy Ortiz on Primary Prevention in Denmark
(10 mins) Lydia Guy Ortiz shares her impressions from her presentations on primary prevention of violence against women in Denmark in March 2011. Visit her at LGO Consulting. Listen here>>

New bystander program: Where do you stand?

Where Do You Stand?

Men Can Stop Rape has just released its newest comprehensive bystander intervention program for men called Where Do You Stand? This program is designed to implement on college campuses. This program builds on the strength of their Strength Campaign by including positive messages, promoting healthy masculinity, and having action recommendations that highlight what can be done. Click here to see the Were Do You Stand? Campaign Guide.
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PreventConnect web conference: Innovations in Measuring and Communicating Effectiveness of Sexual and Domestic Violence Prevention Efforts
Counting the number of health fairs attended or presentations given doesn't begin to tell the story of prevention work. While pre- and post-surveys capture change, are they the most compelling snapshot of your impact? How do you tell the story of your success on a limited budget? As prevention efforts gain momentum, a new host of tools and strategies have been developed to measure and communicate their effectiveness. Join us as we discuss how to tell the story of success. We will explore new ways to create data and the techniques to transform that data into a compelling prevention success story. Be ready to join the discussion by sharing your experiences and posing questions via live phone and text chat.

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