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October 11, 2011
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Twitter Town Hall on preventing teen dating violence
(9 mins) Juley Fulcher, from Break the Cycle, discusses the upcoming Twitter Town Hall about primary prevention of teen dating violence. Sponsored by VAWnet and the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence, the Twitter Town Hall will have people tweet about how to make healthy relationships cool for youth and share strategies and lessons on the use of language and generational accessibility. Join others throughout the country and world on Wed., Oct. 19 at 3pm Eastern/12 Pacific by sending tweets on this topic using the hashtag #reachyouth. PreventConnect will be tweeting using @PreventConnect and Juley will be tweeting using @JuleyFulcher. Listen here>>
The following interviews were conducted in Spanish by Livia Rojas at the National Sexual Assault Conference in Baltimore, Maryland.

Investigacion de servicios de prevencion en Puerto Rico
(2 minutos) Marizaida Sánchez, Universidad de Puerto Rico, recinto de Ciencias Médicos, Centro de Investigación y Evaluación Sociomedica, compartió con CALCASA sobre la investigación de la prevención en Puerto Rico para mejorar la respuesta comunitaria a la violencia sexual. Vea aquí>>

Servicios de Prevencion en Iowa para Latinas
(3 minutos) Katryn Duarte, Cordinadora de Emergencia, Programa de Abogacia para Victimas de Abuso Sexual (Rape Victim Advocacy Program), platica sobre su experiencia trabajando en Iowa en la rama de prevencion. Vea aquí>>

New CDC report: "Understanding Evidence"

Where Do You Stand?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has released a new report Understanding Evidence: Part 1: Best Available Research Evidence. Subtitled A Guide to the Continuum of Evidence of Effectiveness, this publication provides guidance on how to understand the different types of evidence about prevention strategies. While the focus of this report is on research, I like the way this report acknowledges that research is only one type of evidence used for violence prevention work. Read more>>


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