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June 12, 2012
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Healthy Masculinity Summit
(11 mins) Shelley Serdahely of Men Stopping Violence and Pat McGann of Men Can Stop Rape describe the upcoming Healthy Masculinity Summit to be held Oct. 17-19, 2012. This summit, with the goal to spread the message of healthy, non-violent masculinity, will kick off the Healthy Masculinity Action Project, sponsored by Men Can Stop Rape, National Resource Center on Domestic Violence, Men Stopping Violence, Coach for America, Women of Color Network and A CALL TO MEN. Listen here>>

Girls Fight Back: Empowering women and girls worldwide
(10 mins) Girls Fight Back promotes personal safety and self-protection education to women and girls across the world. Girls Fight Back's Founder and CEO Erin Weed talks about the work of Girls Fight Back, the empowerment of her students and the role that self-defense can play in a spectrum of prevention activities.
Listen here>>

Bystander Intervention from Sweden
(2 mins) Madnus Sjogren and Klas Hyllander from Sweden's Men for Gender Equity describe their recent work to determine what bystander intervention programs will work in Sweden to prevent gender-based violence. This interview was conducted at the Mentors in Violence Prevention Bystander Intervention Conference in Boston, Mass., held on May 31 - June 1, 2012. Watch here>>

International gathering of bystanders: taking action to prevent sexual and domestic violence

Where Do You Stand?

I developed a workshop years ago to help consider what policy and collective actions they could take to prevent sexual violence and domestic violence. We assigned audience members to be part of different groups where they brainstormed what policies and actions these groups could do to prevent violence. The groups included educators, business owners, the media, faith leaders and an association that I made up called the "National Association of Bystanders."
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Web Conference Announcements — few spaces left!
Don't Let Prevention Stand Alone: Integrating Sexual & Domestic Violence Prevention Efforts in Your Agency & Community
(June 13 and June 14) — Sexual and domestic violence prevention efforts are often isolated from intervention and after the fact efforts even within our own agencies. Yet, everyone benefits when prevention efforts are seen as an integral part of a comprehensive response. See how folks it the field have used coordination, on paper and in practice, to integrate their primary prevention approaches in their agency and within their communities. Register here>>
Expanding Evidence Dialogue: Exploring Research, Community Context & the Experiences of Practitioners to Make Decisions about Prevention
(June 18 and June 20) — These web conferences kick-off a series that explore CDC's new tools and online resources for thinking about evidence. We will explore the ways in which research, contextual and experiential evidence can be used to make evidence-based prevention decisions and support successful implementation of prevention strategies. These web conferences will include information on CDC's "Understanding Evidence" series as well as a new, interactive tool designed to support evidence-based decision-making in the field. Register here>>
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