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NEWSLETTER   /   December 21, 2009

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In this issue of the PreventConnect Newsletter:

  • Brad Perry on developing Virginia's "Guidelines for the Primary Prevention of
    Sexual Violence & Intimate Partner Violence"
  • David Lee and Chad Sniffen on California's MyStrength Campaign
  • Lindsay Palmer on the Georgetown Project as an example of a comprehensive prevention effort
  • eLearning Presentations:
    Building the Violence Against Women Primary Prevention Movement
    Building Broad Partnerships for Primary Prevention of Violence Against Women
    The Health Care Sector: Organizational Practices to Prevent Violence Against Women

Brad Perry
Brad Perry

Guidelines for Primary Prevention

(17 min) Brad Perry, Sexual Violence Prevention Coordinator for the Virginia Sexual & Domestic Violence Action Alliance (VSDVAA), talks with David Lee about the VSDVAA's Guidelines for the Primary Prevention of Sexual Violence & Intimate Partner Violence.

These Guidelines are a synthesis of prevention research, practical implementation experience, and the public health perspective. Perry and Lee talk about the process of developing of the Guidelines, and review the opportunities and challenges for prevention work that the Guidelines represent.

VSDVAA's Guidelines for the Primary Prevention of Sexual Violence & Intimate Partner Violence [PDF]

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California's MyStrength Campaign

California's MyStrength Campaign

(11 min) David Lee, Director of Prevention Services for the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CALCASA), and Chad Sniffen, Prevention Services Coordinator for CALCASA, talk with Brad Perry about California's MyStrength Campaign - a statewide prevention initiative that uses social marketing techniques to reinforce messages about the ability of men and boys to take positive action to prevent sexual violence.

Developed by Men Can Stop Rape, the Campaign centers on the theme of “My Strength is Not for Hurting.” It is designed to raise awareness of sexual violence among youth and highlight the vital role that young men can play in fostering healthy, safe relationships.

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Lindsay Palmer
Lindsay Palmer

The Georgetown Project

(18 min) Lindsay Palmer, Director of Education and Prevention for the King County Sexual Assault Resource Center (KSARC) in Washington, talks with Lydia Guy Ortiz about KSARC's Georgetown Project.

During a ten-year effort, KSARC responded to the Georgetown Neighborhood's concern about the effective management of registered sex offenders in their community. Through collaboration with community partners and a long-term investment in community organizing, KSARC responded to the needs of Georgetown residents while engaging in prevention and education at multiple levels.

This interview is used as an example of comprehensive prevention efforts in Developing Comprehensive Prevention: Linking Primary Prevention Activities, Strategies and Programs - an eLearning unit developed by Lydia Guy Ortiz to assist in building the capacity of Rape Prevention & Education grantees.

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Online Presentations

eLearning Presentations

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