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July 14, 2011
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2010 Ending Violence Against Women & Teen Dating Violence: A Forum for Primary Prevention Advocates
At the end of June, PreventConnect attended the California Department of Public Health's 2011 forum, which was a neccessary reminder that we still had great audio content from the 2010 event! The 2010 forum, which took place in Sacramento, Calif., June 13-14, was also sponsored by Safe and Active Communities.

(93 mins) Jackson Katz, anti-sexist male activist, talks about the need for more men to became involved in the work to end violence against women.
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(76 mins) Dr. Clea McNeely, from the Center for the Study of Youth and Political Violence in the Department of Public Health at the University of Tennessee, breaks down the teen years as they relate to the prevention of teen dating violence.
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(38 mins) Brian O'Connor, Director of Communications at Futures Without Violence, discusses some best practices for teen dating violence prevention.
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(44 mins) Elizabeth Reed, Assistant Professor in the Department of Prevention & Community Health at George Washington University, talks about losing the gender in gender-based violence.
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Kathy Moore

(66 mins) In this panel presentation, facilitated by Kathy Moore from the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence and CALCASA's Chad Sniffen, panelists discuss building intergenerational partnerships for preventing teen dating violence.
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Engaging men to prevent sexual violence

Berkeley Media Studies Group

"Will men take action to prevent sexual violence?" That was a question I heard when I started in this work almost 30 years ago when I was among very few men engaged in this work.

I have seen a remarkable change, especially in the last ten years. Now activists and rape prevention organizations actively seek to engage men to prevent rape. Slowly, more and more men recognize that rape prevention is important work for men.

Since 2005 CALCASA's MyStrength Campaign supports young men to stand up and speak out against sexual violence. Through that campaign and other efforts I see more men at trainings, web conferences, rallies and meetings.

Now the question has shifted to "How can we support men take action to prevent sexual violence?" There is a wide variety of great efforts and resources including Men Can Stop Rape, Young Men's Work, A CALL TO MEN, Office on Violence Against Women's Engaging Men Initiative, Coaching Boys into Men, and so many more.

The Summer 2011 issue of Partners in Social Change is another resource that focuses on engaging men to prevent sexual violence.

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Save the date: July PreventConnect Reading Club
Programs that encourage bystanders to take action to prevent sexual violence and domestic violence are recognized as promising approaches to primary prevention of violence. In the upcoming issue of the journal Violence Against Women, there are articles that sharing the results of research on the effectiveness of bystanders programs. Join other PreventConnect prevention practitioners throughout the country in the July PreventConnect Reading Club to examine one of these articles. The next PreventConnect Reading Club session will focus on "Evaluation of Green Dot: Active Bystander Intervention to Reduce Sexual Violence on College Campuses." This session will take place on Friday, July 29, 2011. Register>>
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