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November 08, 2011
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2011 Ending Violence Against Women & Teen Dating Violence: A Forum for Primary Prevention Advocates
At the end of June, PreventConnect attended the California Department of Public Health's 2011 forum, which took place in Sacramento, Calif., June 27-29, was also sponsored by Safe and Active Communities.

Cristy Chung

(43 mins) Cristy Chung, a consultant from GroundSpark, and Aimee Thompson, Executive Director of Close to Home, talk about the way in which effective primary prevention is social change and social justice work.
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(24 mins) Donna Garske, Executive Director of Transforming Communities: Technical Assistance, Training & Resource Center, talks about how organizations can keep their vision in moving toward social change.
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(26 mins) Paula Arrowsmith-Jones, Community Outreach Coordinator from the North Coast Rape Crisis Team, talks about how youth and adults can build on the wisdom that is already present in this movement as we move forward.
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(29 mins) Paul Kivel, activist and co-author of "Helping Teens Stop Violence, Build Community and Stand for Justice," talks about how adults can stand as allies with young people.
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Engaging men to eliminate violence against women

Berkeley Media Studies Group

Last week the federal Department of Education, Department of Health and Human Services and Department of Housing and Urban Development hosted 10 regional Town Halls on Engaging Men and Boys in Eliminating Violence Against Women. I had to opportunity to attend the session for Region IX held in Oakland, CA on October 27, 2011 where I moderated the session on engaging men. The results of these Town Halls will be shared with Vice President Joe Biden.

Over 100 people, including representatives of many California Rape Crisis Centers, attended this series of panels and opportunities for community feedback. My highlights included:

  • Frank Blaney of Peace Over Violence, describing his work with MyStrength Clubs in Los Angeles. He also explained why he uses the term "young men" instead of "boys" in recognition that all the young...

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CDC launches findings form the National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey (NISVS) on Nov. 15, 2011
NISVS is an ongoing, national representative survey that assesses experiences of sexual violence, stalking and intimate partner violence among adult women and men in the United States. It measures lifetime victimization for these types of violence as well as victimization in the 12 months prior to the survey. The survey goes beyond counting actions of sexual violence, stalking and intimate partner violence by assessing the range of violence experienced by victims and the impact of that victimization. The report also includes the first ever simultaneous national and state-level prevalence estimates of these forms of violence for all states. Findings form the 2010 Summary Report will be made available online on Nov. 15, 2011. Any questions on NISVS can be directed to [email protected]. PreventConnect will host web conferences to share the results.
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