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Partnership Challenges: Facing Community Denial and Finding Common Ground

January 19, 2006

Presenters: Larry Cohen & Lisa Fujie Parks, Prevention Institute
Guest Presenter: Jim Rear, Evertt Alvarez High School Coach and Coaching Boys into Men
Host: David Lee, Prevention Connection

Learning Objectives

  • Provide an online meeting place where participants can share and learn from each other.
  • Explore ways of facing community denial and finding common ground in interdisciplinary Violence Against Women prevention partnerships.
  • Experiment with the use of technology to promote interactive learning.

Web Dialogues are a series of in-depth conversations that further explore prevention of violence against women. These sessions are restricted to people who have attended previous Prevention Connection web conferences.

This Web Dialogue featured guest speaker Jim Rear, coach at Everett Alvarez High School. He spoke on his involvement in Coaching Boys into Men, a collaborative prevention effort. He was an adviser for the Family Violence Prevention Fund’s Coaching Boys into Men Playbook.

Conference Transcripts and Recordings

  • Text Chat Q&A PDF
  • Full Conference Transcript PDF

Conference Materials

  1. Biography of Jim Rear PDF
  2. The Tension of Turf: Making It Work for the Coalition PDF
    A paper discussing the common type of turf struggles, reasons they occur, and recommendations for limiting the negative aspects of turf.
  3. Presentation Slides PDF

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