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The role of leadership in creating momentum for the primary prevention of violence against women

1st Session: Tuesday, May 5, 2009

2nd Session (Repeat of 1st Session): Thursday, May 7, 2009

This web conference presented an interactive discussion of the role of leadership in linking primary prevention principles with movement-building and violence against women prevention efforts, and the steps needed to move from conceptualization to actualization of these principles within the movement.

David Lee, Prevention Connection, California Coalition Against Sexual Assault

Larry Cohen & Elizabeth Waiters, Prevention Institute

Lea Hegge, Domestic and Sexual Violence Services of Carbon County, Montana


  • Explore the role of leadership in advocacy to expand VAW primary prevention efforts.
  • Discuss specific actions needed to support leadership for VAW primary prevention efforts.


  • Slides, 1 per page, color [PDF]
  • Handouts, 3 per page, balck and white [PDF]
  • Poised for Prevention [Download at Website]
  • Collaborative Leadership Assessment Scale [PDF]
  • Amy Lehrner and Nicole E. Allen, Still a Movement After All These Years? Current Tensions in the Domestic Violence Movement, Violence Against Women, published on March 5, 2009 [View Abstract]
  • Amy Lehrner and Nicole E. Allen, Social change movements and the struggle over meaning-making: a case study of domestic violence narratives, American Journal of Community Psychology. 2008 Dec;42(3-4):220-34. [View Abstract]
  • Critical Conversations: How to Talk to Young People About Dating Violence [PDF] from Domestic and Sexual Violence Services of Carbon County


  • The video recordings of these sessions are no longer available.
  • Session 1: Audio Transcript [PDF]
  • Session 2: Audio Transcript [PDF]
  • Session 1: Text Chat Transcript [PDF]
  • Session 2: Text Chat Transcript [PDF]

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