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By on July 16, 2010

The IMPACT of feminist self-defense

Meg Stone
Meg Stone

In this interviw, Director of IMPACT Boston Meg Stone talks about the role feminist self-defense plays in primary prevention efforts. She describes how IMPACT uses self-defense strategies to support active bystander behavior and empowers participants to take action to make changes in their community.

Click here to read a post by Meg Stone on THE LINE blog about her IMPACT empowerment experience as a student.


2 responses to “The IMPACT of feminist self-defense”

  1. An excellent overview of how IMPACT-style self-defense programs can be included (and should be included) in a comprehensive sexual violence prevention movement.

    Research also shows that when women use acts of resistance (verbal and physical) during an attempted sexual assault, they are 86% less likely to be the raped.

    And those who have training in personal safety and life-saving skills (like IMPACT), area much more likely to intervene to help another person who is being targeted and attacked.

    There are approximately 14 IMPACT programs throughout the US and worldwide.
    To find a chapter near you, go to:

  2. Meg Stone provides a comprehensive and thoughtful analysis of how self-defense training rooted in a feminist/social justice model prepares people to participate in challenging and changing a rape culture.

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