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By on February 7, 2011

Build an army of women to prevent rape

Today’s New York Times highlights Eve Ensler’s efforts to end rape in Congo. I love this quote from the V-Day founder:

“You build an army of women,” she said. “And when you have enough women in power, they take over the government and the make different decisions. You’ll see. They’ll say ‘Uh-uh, we’re not taking this any longer,’ and they’ll put an end to this rape problem fast.”

The strategy is quite clear: empower women and that will lead to changes in society.  While the rape situation is different in this country than it is in Congo, wouldn’t a country with women in charge take rape more seriously?

Meanwhile, many of the rape prevention efforts in this country seem to emphasize how to educate people about sexual assault to end it. Let’s take the challenge to consider how our prevention efforts can work to empower women to create changes in our society.

Check out this PreventConnect recording of Eve Ensler speaking at the 2009 A CALL TO MEN national conference.

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  1. hey! i am doing a graduation project on the emotional affects of rape, and ways women can prevent rape and basically i need ANY information i can get on the topic. if someone could help me.. thatd be great!

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