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#PowerInPrevention Ending Child Sexual Abuse: Building Resilience and Preventing Child Sexual Abuse

Children all over the world are exposed to trauma on a daily basis. It may be in the form of war, poverty, hunger, disease, natural disasters, or child abuse. This web conference will examine the phenomenon of resilience, why it is so important, how it is influenced by factors inside and outside the home and what factors nurture this characteristic in children. Participants will be exposed to theories of why and how some children survive childhood abuse with healthy self concepts and positive outlooks while others are seemingly unable to recover from the trauma.  Almost every discussion of child abuse and neglect addresses the outcome of that experience. Although tens of thousands of studies have been done on the reasons for and characteristics of child abuse, little has been done to determine why children seem to react so differently to the experience. Join us to learn more about sources of resilience in children, responses and conditions that foster resilience and the relationship between protective factors and resilient children. Suggestions for what parents and caregivers can do to promote resilience in their children will also be offered.


HOST: David S. Lee,  PreventConnect and CALCASA

FACILITATORS: Cordelia Anderson and Joan Tabachnik


After this web conference, participants will have learned:

  • The definition of resilience and exposure to some timely scientific information recently discovered relating to it
  • The characteristics of resilient children
  • How to increase capacity for resilience through use of protective factors



  • Handout from Pat Stanislaski [PDF]
  • Do You Know Scale [PDF]
  • PowerPoint Slides [PDF]

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