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By on February 5, 2020

National Girls and Women in Sports Day

Today is National Girls and Women in Sports Day. Sport is an avenue for connection, character building, and community that can harness opportunities to prevent sexual and intimate partner violence and promote protective factors. Below are a just few examples of how girls and women in sports are promoting social norms that protect against violence, providing leadership and opportunities for girls, and creating protective environments for prevention:U.S. Women's National Team celebrating their 2019 World Cup victory

These are only a sampling of the impact of girls and women in sports on sexual and domestic violence prevention. While sports are traditionally a male- and cisgender-dominated and controlled field, more women and trans and gender non binary folks are making waves in their sports, from seeing the first woman and openly LGBTQ+ person coach in a Super Bowl to trans athletes collecting victories across several athletic competitions.

Sport imitates life, and much like life, elevating opportunities and leadership for diverse identities makes communities, organizations, and institutions stronger.

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