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By on June 30, 2023

PreventConnect, National Sexual-Violence Resource Center Partner for Health Equity Web Conference Series


Efforts to prevent sexual violence have come a long way since RPE funding began in 1994. Today, we better understand that in order to prevent violence, we must address the roots of violence. This means that our work must include examining and eliminating all forms of oppression and promoting health equity. A health equity approach to preventing sexual violence asks us to understand and address both the factors that contribute to violence and safety and the factors that expose some communities to higher rates of sexual violence. 

We live in a society where racism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia, classism, and ableism impact our laws, the systems we live in, and the social norms we all live with. This means that if we want to prevent sexual violence from happening, we must be equipped with the tools to understand and dismantle these forces. 

Advancing health equity means working toward a world where everyone has a fair and just opportunity to attain their highest level of health. It means recognizing how oppressive forces compound together to uphold white supremacy and keep marginalized communities from living their healthiest lives. 

Oppressive laws, policies, practices, and social norms create a systemic culture of sexual violence. To practice primary prevention means we need the skills to navigate those systems and to hold health equity as a central mechanism essential to prevention. 

PreventConnect and the National Sexual Violence Resource Center are partnering to build the skills necessary to select, implement and uplift health equity approaches to preventing violence in a five-part web conference series: Health Equity in Practice: Foundations for Sexual Violence Prevention, throughout Summer and Fall 2023. 

Health Equity in Practice: Foundations for Sexual Violence Prevention explores how the promotion of health equity translates into real-world prevention strategies and organizational policy by building the toolkits of practitioners and their organizations, and offering explicit examples of people putting health equity concepts into practice. 

Join us, as we explore topics on: 

How social justice issues connect to our work to prevent sexual violence

  • This workshop might be for you if you’re wondering how current social issues like anti-Black and anti-Trans policies are connected to sexual violence prevention.
  • Date: July 20, 2023

Watch recording here. 

Why anti-racism is an integral part of sexual violence prevention

  • This workshop might be for you’re wondering how systemic racism and oppression are connected to sexual violence prevention, what white supremacy culture is and how it shows up in our prevention work. 
  • Date: August 9, 2023

Watch recording here.

How to transform field language and strategies into on-the-ground change

  • This workshop might be for you if. you’re ready to facilitate meaningful change in your community but need help moving beyond terminology and theory to identify what this programming could look like.
  • Date: September 12, 2023

How to connect and educate around social justice issues

  • This workshop might be for you if you struggle with how to message the connection between social justice issues and sexual violence prevention, how to create buy-in from communities, and how to counter mis-information and push-back from individuals or communities
  • Date: September TBD

How to build cross-movement partnerships to advance health equity

  • This workshop might be for you if you understand the connection between social justice issues and sexual violence prevention but are struggling with how to work with non-traditional partners and movement leaders (i.e. people working in other sectors of social justice like economic justice, racial justice, reproductive justice, etc.) 
  • Date: September TBD

Web conference dates and registration information will be published throughout the summer at