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By on October 31, 2023

Heal, Hold & Center: Domestic Violence Awareness Month 2023

In the fight for survivor justice, for racial justice, we are asked to:

  • Heal from violence and oppression.
  • Hold space for survivors.
  • Center those with the highest burden of violence.

We are asked to embrace how other cultures have fostered beloved communities, to reject the systems and beliefs that do not serve us and to pause to consider what’s working… and what isn’t. 

As we close the 2023 Domestic Violence Awareness Month and look forward to this upcoming year, PreventConnect sat down with Jacqueline Miller, from the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence, to talk about the importance of pausing, especially after months like DVAM,  and centering in ourselves and our mission to advance racial equity and foster communities free from violence.

This conversation is a bonus track from an instagram live conversation we had earlier this month.

Discussion Questions to take this conversation further in your organizations and communities: 

  • In what ways does your organization or community put into action that there can’t be survivor justice without racial justice? 
  • How does the staff at your organization or people in your community embody racial justice and racial equity work?
  • What are some of the barriers that your organization or community has encountered when trying to do racial equity work?

Resources mentioned in this podcast: