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By on December 18, 2023

Top Podcasts of 2023

Here are the top five listened to PreventConnect Podcasts for 2022. Our team releases podcasts each month, available on youtube, all podcasting platforms and at You can find a running list of our current episodes wherever you listen to podcasts, or by following this link.

The Grooming Myth: Countering Anti-LGBTQ+ Rhetoric in Sexual Violence Prevention

This podcast episode is a conversation with Kelsey Alexander, the Prevention and Training Manager for the Connecticut Alliance to End Sexual Violence, discussing a tool they released to help counter anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric in school spaces. This conversation is an examination about the anti-violence movement’s history of being weaponized to advance violent agendas that dehumanize and harm black, queer and people of color and what we can learn from the past, to move forward.

Listen and learn more here.

Bridging Data and Practice in the Case for Prevention

This episode is a conversation with David Finkelhor, author and researcher, about his new report from the World Health Organization – “What works to prevent violence against children online.” Finkelhor and PreventConnect break down his findings and connecting our own paths in the field, where they differ and where they come together to make the case for prevention in schools.

Listen and learn more here.

Youth Engagement Mini-Series: An Interview with Youth Activists

This episode is the first in a four-part mini-series about youth engagement and leadership, and features a conversation with three youth activists with the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence’s youth advisory board. Armaan, Maya and Ana share about their work organizing a rally on the capitol steps for Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, their leadership and what they want to see from adults in the anti-violence movement.

Listen and learn more here.

Housing Justice as Prevention: National Sexual Assault Conference Prevention Track Preview

This episode is the first in a mini-series previewing some of the prevention track sessions at the 2023 National Sexual Assault Conference. In this conversation, Prevention Specialist Gabby Boyle discusses their work in housing justice as violence prevention in Lawrence Kansas.

Listen and learn more here. 

Youth Engagement Mini-Series: RCC GameChangers

This episode is the third installment of PreventConnect’s mini-series on youth engagement and leadership, and features a conversation with the RCC Gamechangers: youth leadership team out of Wisconsin. The GameChangers and staff at RCC share about how they create open and empowering spaces for youth to lead and the impact that work has on their community.

Listen and learn more here.